It’s coming up to holiday season, and Christmas is creeping in everywhere! That means it’s the perfect time to get your Christmas event sorted.

So if you’re thinking about where to celebrate Christmas, here are 10 reasons to consider Zaitoune as your go-to venue.

Our Food Is Fresh And Delicious

When you think of food at Christmas, you think rich and full of flavour. And the best way to make sure that food is full of flavour is to use fresh ingredients.

Our dishes are focused on fresh, seasonal and local produce. In fact, some of the ingredients come straight from our garden! Food doesn’t get much fresher and delicious than this.

To have a look at some of our yummy food, check out the gallery. You’ll be feeling hungry in no time!

Our Food Is Nutritious

Christmas time is a time to indulge. But you can indulge and still enjoy foods full of health benefits! That’s what you get when you have Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.

These two cuisines use ingredients, cooking techniques and recipes that not only taste great, but also keep you healthy and happy. So if you’re looking for the perfect balance of nutritious and delicious at your Christmas celebration, we’re the choice for you.

Every Dish Reflects Our Zaitoune Philosophy

We have a philosophy about food: it should be fresh, delicious, and made traditionally. Our recipes and cooking methods have been passed down to us over the generations.

We believe in cooking food with love, using the same methods that we use to feed our own families. And you can taste that love in every mouthful of every single dish at Zaitoune.

We Have Options To Suit Everyone

When it comes to Christmas celebrations that involve food, it can get difficult to manage dietary requirements. But that’s where we can help.

Our menu has a number of options for dietary requirements. So whether you’re looking for vegetarian options, gluten-free options or dairy-free options, we have something to suit you.

If you’re not sure if we’re able to accommodate your needs, simply contact us directly, and we can answer all of your questions. 

Our Venue Is Welcoming And Cosy

The atmosphere of a restaurant can make or break an event. That’s why Zaitoune is designed to feel cosy and friendly. There’s no glaring lights or uncomfortable seats – just comfortable surroundings that make you feel right at home.

Want a sneak peek of our venue? Pop on over to the gallery. 

We Offer Function Options For Larger Events

If you have a large family or circle of friends, you don’t have to miss out on the celebrations. At Zaitoune, we’re able to accommodate up to 100 guests for functions. So there’s no gathering too big or small to hold at our restaurant!

You also have the benefit of working with our designated function coordinators to plan your function. You can even customise menus to suit your needs. So everything will go smoothly, no matter what the size or occasion.

We Have A Banquet Option To Suit You

Do you have a big group to feed at your Christmas event? For the holiday season, Zaitoune offers a number of banquet options to suit your event.

There’s an option to suit every budget. Banquets start from just $48 per person, and include Mezza, coffee, soft drink and sweets. Now that is value for money!

Our Staff Are Focused On Your Enjoyment

One thing that cannot be substandard at a venue is customer service. Our staff are trained carefully and are there to make your visit enjoyable.

If you love service with a smile and a laugh, you’ll love Zaitoune.

We’re A Family

Zaitoune is not just another restaurant and venue. It is a family-owned and run restaurant.  In fact, some dishes are still made by our mum and aunts!

When it comes down to it, Christmas is about being with family and loved ones. We are one big family. And that’s something we like to share with our customers. When you dine with us, you join our Zaitoune family.

We’re About The Overall Experience

A venue can’t have one or two focuses, and let everything else go. Your ideal venue will have it all – excellent customer service, fresh delicious food, options to suit everyone and a cosy atmosphere.

That’s what Zaitoune brings to the table. Our family is proud to share all of these benefits with your family and friends. So let’s celebrate the holiday season together.

Ready to book your table? Don’t hesitate – head straight to our reservation page to avoid disappointment.